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Right Time To Outsource Accounting

Is It Time To Outsource Accounting For Your Business?

Authored By GreerWalker

We know what you’re thinking, “Why do I need a new accounting provider? We could just do it ourselves.” That’s true, but giving your accounting to untrained employees can cost you time and money in the long run. Our clients come to us with a number of reasons they‘re ready to commit to our payroll […]

Year End Tax Considerations - GreerWalker CPAs

2021 Year-End Tax Considerations for Businesses

Authored By RSM US LLP

DOWNLOAD GUIDE   Year-end is a critical time for businesses to think carefully about how to achieve their goals in an ever-evolving tax landscape. RSM US LLP’s 2021 year-end tax guide reflects the tax considerations and developments that we believe may create risk or opportunity. Challenges and disruptions have continued this year as the pandemic lingers and […]

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Family Offices and Tax Changes: Considerations from the House Proposal

Authored By RSM US LLP

Family offices anticipating a variety of tax law changes now have more details to consider. The House Ways and Means Committee on Sept. 13 outlined its proposal of various income and transfer tax increases on high-income individuals, estates and trusts as part of a plan to generate the revenue necessary to support reconciliation bill spending. […]

Boom Times in Private Equity - GreerWalker

Boom times in private equity

Authored By RSM US LLP

Private equity deal activity is on pace for its best year on record, and deal activity in the middle market leads the way.

Employee Retention Credit Guidance For Open Questions

IRS enhances employee retention credit guidance for open questions

Authored By RSM US LLP

Employers impacted by COVID-19 that may be eligible for the employee retention tax credit (ERTC) finally have some additional guidance from the IRS that addresses a few unanswered questions, although some outstanding questions are still unanswered. Background The ERTC was originally enacted by in the CARES Act in March 2020. Its use by taxpayers was significantly increased […]

Key global tax policy proposals at play for manufacturers

Authored By RSM US LLP

Reinvigorating manufacturing and creating jobs is a central theme for the Biden administration. While the erosion of the U.S. manufacturing base has been a concern for more than two decades, the pandemic and the resulting supply chain disruptions have highlighted the weaknesses in the nation’s industrial footprint and supply chain capabilities. In response, manufacturing companies […]

Retirement Plan

Missing Participants in a Retirement Plan

Authored By RSM US LLP

A retirement plan is required to maintain contact information for participants and beneficiaries who are owed a benefit under the plan.

supply chain strategy - GreerWalker Business Advisors

Supply Chain Strategy

Authored By RSM US LLP

Learn lessons from the pandemic to build a stronger supply chain strategy to face disruptions and challenges. Read now.

The Risk Of Retroactivity

2021 Gifts – Buyer Beware of the Risk of Retroactivity

Authored By RSM US LLP

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) in 2017 doubled the estate and gift tax exemption to approximately $11 million per spouse. Without an intervening change in law, this amount is set to sunset on Dec. 31, 2025. With the Democrats now holding the White House and having the majority of votes in the House and […]

Hot To Choose Right Accounting Services For Your Business

Choosing The Right Accounting Services For Your Business

Authored By GreerWalker

While valuable, this ability to customize your accounting services can make it a little tricky to show how we structure our services so, to simplify things, we often explain it in terms of three standard levels of service. Generally, most organizations choose a level of service that lands within one of these three categories: Basic […]

Accounting Compliance and Standards 2022

Are You Keeping Up With Accounting Compliance And Standards?

Authored By GreerWalker

ASU 2016-02, Leases (Topic 842) This ASU provides new regulations which affect all organizations that lease assets, such as real estate, vehicles, and equipment. Previous standards differentiate reporting requirements based on whether an agreement is a capital lease or an operating lease. ASU 2016-02 changes this by requiring all leases with terms of more than […]

Benefits of Outsourced Accounting

7 Ways Outsourced Accounting Will Help Your Business

Authored By GreerWalker

Although many businesses consider outsourcing as a way to save time and money, they often discover many other benefits: More time to focus on other things By outsourcing the most time-consuming aspects of your accounting, you can free up that time to take care of the more important tasks needed to run and grow your […]

401(k) vs IRA Retirement Savings

Retirement Savings: 401(k) vs IRA

Authored By GreerWalker

There are key financial and tax advantages for both a 401(k) and an IRA, but you may not be maximizing the advantages of both. Watch Now to learn how you can optimize your savings for retirement.