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Globalized Manufacturing Enters a New Era

Authored By RSM US LLP

The era of globalization, which brought cheap goods, low inflation, rapid growth, and inexpensive capital, is transitioning to a new state.

IRS Releases 2023 Tax Inflation Adjustments

Authored By RSM US LLP

IRS releases inflation adjustments for 2023. Inflation adjustments impact individual tax brackets and other various provisions of the Code.


Superfund excise tax FAQs and tax rates released by the IRS

Authored By RSM US LLP

The IRS issued FAQs regarding the Superfund chemical excise tax (FS-2022-31) and tax rates (IR-2022-132) today to help those taxpayers who may be impacted by the Superfund excise taxes. The taxes are set to be reinstated beginning on July 1, 2022. There are two separate Superfund chemical excise taxes: a tax imposed on the sale […]